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A potent hybrid of metal-tinged hardcore drenched in progressive thrash. 
STICK FARM from Victoria, BC secured a record deal before performing live or entering
a real studio, releasing two 7” EPs in a fast-paced, two-year rise.

From their humour-laden hardcore days, they quickly graduated to more complex lyrics and arrangements. Reharvest comprises 8 songs in 37 minutes recorded 1990-91 by legendary punk rock producer/engineer Scott Henderson and remixed from original reels by Cody Baresich.

“Powerful – reminds me of Neurosis or some Nomeansno” – GF, MRR #95

“A hundred and one tempos all without slipping too far into
metal mediocrity or crossover cliché” – Rick Andrews, Offbeat

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#0000 - 4918 Scaggy And Shooby

Song: “The Mission”

Digital Cassettes 4500 418
Average Rating 4 / 5

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