WTFAQs for players.

“What the ...?” Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hidden Bands only for rock related music?
Because we’re not like iTunes, Spotify or We’re not here to sell you whatever your preference is. We are here to bring back rock n’ roll and serve it by the amp-load. You want (fill in the blank music)? Cool. Those platforms exist and are already waiting for you. Knock yourself out.
Why do you only accept unreleased songs?
Would you search the city for a song you could easily find online from the comfort of your housecoat?
Why are bands anonymous for the first two weeks?
We like the idea of a blind taste test. Anonymity allows the song to stand up on its own.
I found an offensive Hint!
You’re having a great time playing Hidden Bands when suddenly, without warning, you tap a location marker to discover… an offensive photo or text Hint! Some people are dicks. It’s just the way it is. Spare others from seeing the Hint by tapping on the flag icon below the Hint content. The Hint will be removed instantly and we will be notified of the offensive content. We’ll take it from there. Repeat offenders will be removed from the game without warning. Boo.
I didn’t get my (fill in the blank) badge! WTF!
That’s unfortunate. Well, my rock-savior friend, we are not Sony Music Canada. Some of our shit is just not gonna work sometimes. Bear with us. We’ll fix it. But not ASAP, like say, Apple®. We’re gonna get around to it. You know, at 2 PM… when the sun is warm. But not at 5 o’clock. Because that’s Happy Hour. If you want to report a bug you can fill out this form.
How do I report a bug?
Want to help us out by submitting a bug report? Please do! You can let us know about any issues you are having here.
My account is gone! Have I been banned?
Let us ask you something. Have you been acting like an ass? Are you putting nasty photos of your private parts in your Hints? Are you writing offensive text Hints? If your answer is yes, you’re out, Pervo. And no, you can’t come back. We don’t tolerate hateful people here either. Are you none of those things, but still seem to be kicked off Hidden Bands? It could have been an accident on our part. Fill out this form. and we will look into it.
How do I delete my Hidden Bands account?
You can’t. You’re here FOREVER! No, we’re just messing with you. To delete your account fill out this form. Then you’re out of the band for good.
What if I decide to keep an analog cassette I find?
Well, you’re kind of a greedy mofo, aren’t you? But what can we do about it? I suspect if you don’t re-hide the cassette for a new player to find, you’ll likely lose your hair (possibly even your eyebrows). Or develop a wart you can’t get rid of, no matter how much dry ice you use on it. You might get a parking ticket tomorrow and wonder “What did I do to deserve this?” And deep inside your heart, you’ll know. But it’s your choice. We’re not gonna hunt you down. We can’t promise that other players won’t, though.
What if I can’t find an analog cassette?
Best thing to do is read the Hints left by the player who set the trap. There should be photos or text clues to help get you to the right spot. If you gave it a thorough look and are convinced it’s missing, you should use the “Flag Cassette” option at the bottom of the “Info” section of the Cassettes’ location window. This will alert the person who originally hid the Cassette that it is missing. Chances are the Cassette is long gone (see above; bad karma), but maybe the original Hint wasn’t helpful and a better Hint will make the Cassette easier to locate.
Where should I re-hide an analog cassette?
It is best to hide an analog Cassette in a place that is protected from the outside elements. Leaving it on a park bench is not a good spot for example. Cassette cases were not intended to support the weight of a human butt. When you start to look around in the outside world you will notice there are tons of great places to stash a cassette that aren’t impossible to find (with the help of a Hint or two), and keeps the Cassette protected from rain, wind, butts, piss and snow. More about hiding analog cassettes here.
Can I play these analog cassettes?
You bet you can! Maybe you’re just a baby Hidden Band-er and have never really used a cassette tape before. How fun! Ask your parents or grandparents if they have a “tape deck” lying around. They’ll know what you’re talking about. Every cassette has a recording of the same song on both sides. If you have the analog technology, by all means, play it!
Can I add my own analog cassettes to the game?
If you are an original rock artist, yes! Submit your un-released original song here and if accepted by our experts we will make the cassettes for you! If you meant record your own cassettes, slap a QR code on them and add them to the Hidden Bands Live Map®? No.
What if I record my own song over the Hidden Bands song on an analog cassette?
Then you recorded your own song over the Hidden Bands song. Sure. Whatever. Make it a great song if you do.
My analog Cassette was flagged and I KNOW it’s there!
Uh oh! Your cassette is flagged, and you’re so close to reaching the next level. Maybe it’s the only one you have ever found. You live in a no-horse town. Cassettes are harder to come by than an A-level stripper. If you know it’s there friend, then go back and make sure it actually is. Then leave a good Hint to give others some help finding the cassette. Maybe the folks in your town are just stupid. Or maybe you’re just too smart and you need to find an easier spot to hide it. Sometimes you need to sort it out yourself. You have it in you. We know it. Go. Go now!
A lot of the artwork in this game is pretty dark. Why is that?
Because we’re saving rock n’ roll not promoting a bake sale. Fuck’s sake, it’s not Quaint Bands. Go on Pinterest if you like cute shit. C’mon now.

Little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah