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Snailmate is a synth-punk hip-hop band. What does that mean? I dunno, its the best we could do. Heavy synthesizers pulsate along with syncopated drumming. It's intense. There's rapping, there's screaming, there's laughing, there's crying. It's all there. In the music. Just listen to it. Born in the desert of AZ, Snailmate bounced as soon as they could. Since then they've done multiple US tours as well as runs in Japan and Europe. They were supposed to go to Brazil but then covid-19 fucked everything up. Wash your hands, people! Anyway, these guys are DIY AF. All tours are booked by Bentley the drummer. He also screen prints all their merch. Kalen the singer/keyboardist does all the artwork and video direction. He even duplicated hundreds of cassettes before it drove him insane and he smashed the tape deck. Good times. Call your grandma and tell her to check out Snailmate, baby!

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#0000 - 2024 Bananarchy

Song: “It‘s Coming Back!”

Digital Cassettes 1752 272
Average Rating 4 / 5

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