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"Slow Elk revitalizes the garage/punk genre with a three-piece horn section, no guitar, wicked drumming, and Ernie’s driving fuzz-bass laying down a thorny bed for his shouty vocals. You will sweat." —Dan Paulus, City Arts ​ "Slow Elk play angular, crunching punk music complete with a brass section and partial drag looks. They delivered what the Cha Cha stage should always deliver: a respite from the rest of the festival and a reminder that there’s no real replacement for thrashing around in a bar with your friends." -Sam Chapman, Jetspace Magazine ​ "On Friday, I walked into Vermilion after work, ordered a glass of white wine from Brian, and chanced to catch a set of a punk band called Slow Elk. The set was fast and furious and brassy. Three of the musicians played horns—trumpet, trombone, sax. Though the drummer and guitarist thrashed like there was no tomorrow, the horns were more composed and even orchestral. So, on one side, you had punk minimalism (the bare bones of rock); and the other, the bold and full sound of a big band. And all of it came together quite nicely. As soon as the set was done, Slow Elk packed their equipment and left. Brian served me another glass of wine." -Charles Mudede, The Stranger "Blistering, spastic energy radiates from Slow Elk’s debut EP Imaginary Fanclubs. The sweat-drenched, striptease-prone mixed-gender sextet is equally cuddly and confrontational, a conflagration of no-wave punk and skronky horns that sounds like Sub Pop degenerates Pissed Jeans colliding with a drunk marching band." -Jonathan Zwikel, City Arts ​ "This band is like something I would imagine would come out of New York in the late 70s – slightly too smart for me, beautifully jarring and subversive. It is dissident and wild and experimental, with haunting horns and thumping unstoppable bass (no guitar)...and, of course, Ernie’s vocals, which have the urgency of a pissed off, dying man’s last gasp – an artist wise beyond his years trying to warn the rest of us to live our lives because THIS IS ALL THERE IS!" -Hayley Cain, Hayley and the Crushers; ​

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#0000 - 1569 Capitalism LOL

Song: “MIST”

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