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Cold Culture is a 4 piece band based out of Pomona California. We have a unique sound and Mascott Floyd the penguin. Cold Culture has carved our unique sound by using influences from Midwest Emo, Modern indie Alternative and some early 00s Pop Punk. Our band is lead by Zen Kaneski and is also joined with with band mates Kevin Lisbin, Dutch Englyng and Xavier Rodriguez. We have an Album set to release in 2022 and much more to come. To follow with all our movements and upcoming shows follow us on all platforms with the @cold.culture. Look forward to sharing our musical journey and experiences with you!

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#0000 - 4635 Broke Heart

Song: “Comfort In A Storm”

Digital Cassettes 4502 133
Average Rating 3 / 5

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Little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah