Going on tour? Get Analog Cassettes.

Analog Cassettes are not only an active game piece in Hidden Bands, they’re playable in any Cassette player. Each Cassette is digitally numbered and has a unique QR code that can be scanned with the app to capture it as well as to rehide it in a new location.

When we originally concepted this project we were only using physical cassettes but we later realized they aren’t scalable. So we created the Digital Augmented Cassettes and kept the analogs as a collectible single for your music fans to find. Want to talk with us about it? Email us.

About Analog Cassettes

  • Analog Cassettes can be ordered in amounts of 50 to a maximum 250
  • You can order Analog Cassettes through your Artist Dashboard or by contacting us
  • We don’t mark up the cost of Analog Cassettes and we have an exclusive 15% discount from the manufacturer
  • There’s a 4 week manufacturing and shipping time that you need to allow for the Cassettes to arrive to release them in time for your digital release
  • Shipping is free to anywhere in North America
  • You hide these Cassettes yourself using the Hidden Bands app or have your trusted friends, manager, groupies do it for you

How long are Analog Cassettes active in Hidden Bands

Analog Cassettes are always a working game piece in Hidden Bands. They can always be scanned and played in the app as well as rehiden for other players to find so long as they exist. Most people will keep them as they’re collectable.

Can Analog Cassettes be scanned outside of the Hidden Bands app?

Yes! A normal QR scanner, like the ones built into your mobile phone’s camera can scan the QR code. It will open a landing page that explains what they’ve found and prompts them to download the Hidden Bands app.

Can I create my own cover art?

Normally we supply all cover art for Hidden Band Cassette. But maybe. There are some rules to follow, like the cover may not contain any text, logos or trademarked material. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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