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In a land where the Atlantic coastal shore brings energy and revitalization, verbose nightlife permeates the air, stories of "Goodfellas" captured in cinematic masterpiece resides, and some of the most supreme bagels on the planet are created and consumed, lives 5 alpha-geek, dad-bod toting musicians in a band called, The View From Here.

This New Jersey-based band has become distinguished in their field of music over the last 6 years of existence. In the vein of sub-genres like pop-punk, melodic hardcore, and progressive rock, The View From Here creates a fresh take on the blend. With intelligent, innovative guitar & bass playing, aggressive, dynamic drumming, deeply captivating, and expansive vocals,  The View From Here writes cohesive, catchy, and inspiring tunes that make your mind see colors and visions that bring you into a beautiful place worth repeating. 

The View From Here started 2022 with a bang releasing a new single called "disconnects in dialects" in early January through True State Entertainment and have more to come! Be sure to follow on any and all social platforms to keep up with the band and check out the NEW SINGLE on all streaming platforms worldwide!!! 

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#0000 - 5013 Info Wars

Song: “Nostalgia”

Digital Cassettes 4500 513
Average Rating 3 / 5

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