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Hailing from Toronto Ontario, The Capsized are a post-hardcore party in a bottle. Once uncorked, their energetic riffs and catchy pop-punk melodies captivate the crowd and leave them with earworms on replay. With a dynamic blend of rocknroll, The Capsized dig their hooks deep into the minds of their listeners leaving them thirsty for more. Live, the Capsized are unmatched in their relentless pursuit of pumping energy into the  room. They are a double espresso shot on a groggy monday morning, bringing the audience back to life from a weekend of ragers.

Artists’ Cassettes

#0000 - 8537 Crawl

Song: “Love Games”

Digital Cassettes 8013 524
Average Rating 3 / 5

#0000 - 8496 Fat Bottom Girl

Song: “World Go By”

Digital Cassettes 8007 489
Average Rating 4 / 5

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Little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah