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Royals are a five piece pop punk based out of Southampton. Formed in 2019, the band got off to a quick start releasing several singles and music videos followed by their debut EP ‘Painted Gold’.The band headed into the studio in late 2019 with Neck Deep's Seb Barlow to record a line of singles ready for release in 2020. The first of those singles was 'Out Of Reach' which was released to an amazing reception. The song was featured in Spotify's 'New Punk Tracks' playlist and added to Idobi Radio's rotation. Their latest single 'Fair- Weather Friend' was also featured on Spotify's 'New Punk Tracks' playlist as well as 'Pop Punk's Not Dead' and it also earned them a place on Alt Press' 'Top 10 Rising UK Pop Punk Bands' list.

"Putting the “pop” in pop punk, Royals are dosing the genre with an extra shot of energy. Seriously, we challenge you to stream any of their upbeat, catchy tracks without compulsively bopping along. The band released their latest single,'“Fair- Weather Friend' this past June, and it’s essential for any modern pop-punk playlist.” - Alt Press

Artists’ Cassettes

#0000 - 2229 Theater of the Mind

Song: “Gone”

Digital Cassettes 1998 231
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 2243 Stuck in Time

Song: “JADED”

Digital Cassettes 1994 249
Average Rating 4 / 5

#0000 - 2274 Walk It Off

Song: “Worldwide Catastrophe”

Digital Cassettes 1995 279
Average Rating 4 / 5

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