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Itchy Kitty are a strange new type of band. With one foot planted firmly in classic punk traditionalism and the other in a kind of mangled glam rock pageantry, Itchy Kitty bombard the listener with razor sharp riffs, pummeling rhythms, and the sweetest bubblegum scented melodies you’ve never heard. Formed in the picturesque valley of Spokane, WA, the band has been relentless from the onset in spreading their crude version of rock and roll as far and wide as humanly possible. With two EPs, two albums (most recent being Mr. Universe on Corporat Records) and a whole host of awards and accolades to their name, their recorded output has raised many an eyebrow; but at the end of the day Itchy Kitty are a band that needs to be experienced live to truly comprehend.

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#0000 - 1550 Rock On Rock Off

Song: “Fish money ”

Digital Cassettes 1028 522
Average Rating 4 / 5

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