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HCK9 aka Half Cut K9 is an electronic alt-rock project written and fronted by UK northerner James Brown. With lots of experience under his belt, HCK9 has a knack of merging different electronic and alternative genres together to create his own unique sound that is signature to him. Twenty One Pilots, Placebo and Jimmy Eat World are all inspirations that can be heard in his music, but these are executed with his own unique HCK9 goggles on. Inspired by the toxically dystopian nature of our lives. The veracious lyrics and electrifying vocals are cleverly combined with a heavy yet modern Lo-Fi production that will make you want to save the world or end it.

Title track “Tell Me It Gets Better” taken from debut E.P is due to be released February 17th. Driven by Nostalgic 90’s guitars and Cinematic soundscapes with emotional vocals “Tell Me It Gets Better” is set to be the new anthem perfect for crying in the shower or screaming out of the car window at 3 am. The message of the single is introspective, yet one we can all share after the past three years shone a spotlight on the public’s mental health and how it affects more people than we think. ‘Tell me it gets better’ plants us onto the battleground of the day to day and the problems we face.

Frontman of HCK9, James, discusses the single saying:

“The track was written during a time when I was at one of my lowest lows, the world seemed broken and beyond repair. Everyone I knew was going through some sort of mental anguish and the pain was palatable. “Tell Me It Gets Better” was a phrase I was using jokingly on a day to day basis but became more and more serious as the days went by.” 

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#0000 - 5340 Missilie

Song: “Tell Me It Gets Better”

Digital Cassettes 5010 330
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