Superfans desire more from your artists than just music.

Hidden Bands deepens connections with superfans in a meaningful way through an interactive music discovery game. We combine location based technology with mobile gaming to send players out in the real-world and discover music they can’t find anywhere else.

Show me, don’t tell me

Take it for a spin?

75% of artist revenue comes from only 17% of Superfans.

The biggest growth in music marketing is in the emergence of micro-communities—audiences of dedicated fans who consider it an honour to support artists.

They have high expectations, but will champion your artists if you give them exclusive experiences built just for them.

Create a branded experience inside of our app.

We have the technology. You have the artists. Let’s create connections in a way that’s never been done before. Here’s how it could work.

1. Challenge

Choose a location, mission, song and prize. We’ll launch your artist’s music as an augmented reality game piece into a limited-time event where fans hit the streets to hear the new release first. Or we’ll work together to imagine something never done before.

2. Reward

Reward fans who complete the mission with discounts and free passes to events. Take new fans with you by exporting subscribers from our platforms and let them be the first to know about future releases and tour dates.

3. Analyze

Receive location-based insights so you know where your music resonates the most. Find out where music is played and how it is rated. Famous in Albuquerque? Now you know.

What labels are saying

“We used to rely on radio DJs to tell us what was worth listening to. Now Hidden Bands encourages fans to learn about emerging artists by gamifying music discovery.” - Bruce Pavitt

"It's rare to find platforms that provide unique and fun ways of discovering new music. Hidden Bands takes this to the next level." - Michael Zimmerlich

“We are excited to create a custom release that will tie in some surprise locations and a potential hidden live show.” - Jake Allard

What artists are saying

“The data bands get out of this is an amazing asset. You can poster and make Facebook events for a month and not get nearly as much of a benefit as you would from a couple fans in that area sharing your stuff, getting hyped about the band coming and telling their friends!” - Big Flakes

“Hidden Bands gave us a totally off-the-wall way to connect with fans... This is cutting edge-stuff, people!” - Hayley and the Crushers

“To be honest, I super love this concept. It’s a very immersive idea and I’m stoked that it’s making it more of an engaging experience for music fans.” - Living Machines

Knowing more about your goals is the next step.

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